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Outlined below are some brief explanations on what our various options are. You will come across these options when place an order for any of our Canvas Prints, Acrylic Ice PPhoto Panels, Acrylic Blocks, Aluminium Photo Panels or paper prints.



• Canvas Border/Edge Options

We offer four canvas edge options to our customers.

Full Bleed Border/Edge
This option means your photo will continue around the edge of the frame, parts of the image will appear on the sides of the canvas, much like our display images featured on our website.

Mirrored Border/Edge
If your photo doesn't suit full bleed, perhaps because someone's head or an important feature is to close to the edge of the frame, it will probably be better to use a mirrored edge option. This is done using photoshop to copy and repeat the edges or your photo, these repeated edges then appear on the sides of your canvas. Doing it this way stops important features of your photo being wrapped around the edge of the frame.

Black or White Border/Edge
If you wish to have no photo printed on the edge of the canvas then you can choose either black or white as an edge option. These look really nice, giving the photo a very elegant feel, and maximises the viewable photo area on the front of the frame.


• Colour Correction

Colour correction is a process of adjusting the colours to print as you see them on your computer screen. The problem is that most computer screens do not by default display colours accurately. Computer screens and televisions have to be calibrated so that what they show is true to life and a correct representation of what will come out on the printer. Unless you are a professional photographer then most likely your screen is not displaying your photo as it should be, so we recommend that you select the "Yes" option so that we can adjust the colours to print with all the vibrancy and richness it should have. This is a free service we offer to all customers.

We use a device called ‘Colormunki" a state of the art optical device to calibrate the screen to the printers output. This ensures colour correctness and incredibly accurate skin tones. If you are a professional and already have a calibrated system then we recommend that you select the "No" option.


• Paper Type

There are two types of paper we offer to to our customers. Both are of the same high quality and weight (260gsm). Gloss Finish paper gives you a high sheen finish to the print. Colours are well replicated with good saturation and depth. The down side is it is prone to finger print marks and reflective to light. Matte Finish paper is less reflective to light, colours also are reproduced well and not as prone to finger print marks.


• Sending Us Your Image.

There are two ways to send us your image.

"I will upload my Image from here"
Selecting this option will open a browse button. Click this and it will allow you to navigate to where your image is located on your computer. Select the image and then simply complete the purchase transaction by adding the product to your cart and finally making payment. The image will be sent to us as part of the completed transaction.

"Multiple Images for the same product."

Upload Image selection will allow only a single image to be chosen and uploaded. If you wish to order multiples of the same product and need to send several different images then the best choice would be to use the next option,www.wetransfer.com
You can however, add the same product to the shopping cart a number of times, uploading the related image with each product chosen.

"I will send you my images via www.wetransfer.com
This option uses a free service called WeTransfer.com. Simply visit the WeTransfer.com website and follow instructions given to fill in the form, attach your image and press send. Please ensure our correct email address as follows is used "images[at]momentz.com.au" . You can send upto 2 gigabytes using this form and you can do multiple sends .  Please note we are not affiliated with this service, and hence any issues that arise from using this service please address your questions to WeTransfer.com


• What's the difference between Aurora Chrome & Illford Gloss Paper?

Aurora Chrome is a silver metallic finish similar to silver halide metallic photo papers.Aurora Chrome offers exceptional image clarity, and brilliant colour reproduction with a high-gloss metallic finish. Ilford Gloss is a professional 250gsm paper which gives you a high sheen finish. Colours are well replicated with good saturation and depth.


  •      Image selection

With this product we are offering  you a select range of our own stock photographs of a variety of Flowers or you simply choose to use your own image and forward it to us by the methods listed above. The Photographs we offer  will  suit  individual Acrylic Block sizes and may not fit all of the blocks, particularly the Panorama size of 4x12".  Please check the images listed are available  with your choice  of size to ensure a match. If in doubt please phone or email  for more detail.

  • Laminate Type

There are two choices of laminate available for the Aluminium panels.

Ultragloss - This has been the only choice until recently, it gives the image a mirror like finish very comparable to the old Cibachrome prints.

Satin  -  The benefit of this laminate is that it gives a non-reflective finish which allows display in rooms where there is much more light. The Satin finish does give a subtle change to the colour however this is more than offset by the ability to see the detail without reflections. Compare Framing done with standard glass too that done with non-reflective glass, it is the same personal choice.