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Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you offer stock images or do you use my image?

All the photos on our site are there for decoration only. They are not for use as stock images. All our products are "insert your own image" so any size or shape you see is to be used for your own images, not the ones as shown on the page.

What is the turn around time for canvas and photo prints?

Photo prints can be done and posted to you within 2 working days. Canvas prints, due to the work in them need 3 working days to be ready for posting. Cut off time for printing is 2pm. Proofs must be approved by 2pm to be printed as part of the days orders. If approval is not given by 2pm the order will be printed the following day. Please note that the 3 day turn around can vary significantly depending on work load. This is especially the case around holidays. If you have an URGENT order, please let us know so we are able to process it accordingly. 


Are the sizes in Centimetres or Inches?

All our sizing on our website is in inches.

When I order a Canvas - How big is the finished size? Eg a 12in x 12in?

We believe that the finished size should be what you ordered. A lot of company’s will print your canvas at 12in x 12in and then wrap it onto a stretcher bar and your finished product size turns out to be a lot smaller than what you ordered, At Momentz, we make the Stretcher bar 12in x 12in and print your photo larger so that the face of the canvas is 12in x 12in therefore giving you what you ordered and value for money. This applies to all canvas’s.


What size of frame is used on the Canvas Prints? And how are they finished?

Our desktop canvas prints are wrapped on a 18mm timber frame. Our standard canvas prints are wrapped on a 38mm timber frame. Anything larger than a 20x30 inch is also braced to ensure no bowing or warping of the frame. The Canvas prints are taped on the back to give a clean finished edge. We screw D-Rings into the Canvas a third of the way down the frame & complete with wire so that when you receive your product it is ready to hang on the wall. We also use bump ons to ensure no damage is done to your walls when hanging.

How long do canvas prints last?

The canvas and inks we use guarantee a 75 year life span as long as they aren’t hung in direct sunlight for everyday of its 75 years. However, we also use a museum grade lacquer that adds more protection giving it a lifespan of well over 100 years! You can be rest assured that your canvas print will be a part of your life for a long time to come!

My image goes right to the edges of the print; will this affect the outcome on canvas?

Yes, with prints that have images right to the edges we suggest a bordered option. We offer four different types of border options. First being no border at all, also called "full bleed" in which your image is wrapped all the way around. Second we offer a border only on the edges, meaning there's no visible border on the front. Third option we offer is a mirrored edge. Its a handy little option in which we copy the edge of your image and then mirror it so that you dont lose any of the front of your image but have a nice blending option for the sides. The fourth option is another handy option called 'Color Pull' in which colors from your image are pulled from the sides and used as a border. Whatever option you choose in the checkout, we always do a proof for your canvas unless its straight forward (sized perfectly with a black border, etc)- so if you arent sure whether a mirrored edge or color pull edge is more suitable, just let us know! We will do a proof for both so you can choose!

How do I know if there is enough room on the image for wrapping ‘full bleed’?

We ask for 5cm on all sides to allow for wrapping ‘full bleed’. Please ensure that this is left so that your image won’t be cut off unexpectedly. In inches, thats two extra inches each side.

What type of file do I need to give you?

We work with Photoshop CS3 so we can accept any number of different file types. The most common for large files is JPG, JPEG, TIFF & PSD.

What DPI should I save my file in?

We print at 300dpi for finer detail so saving them in this will ensure the best quality.

Do I need to copyright items I send to you?

There is no system of registration for copyright protection in Australia. You do not need to publish your work, to put a copyright notice on it, or to do anything else to be covered by copyright — the protection is free and automatic. There are no forms to fill in, and there are no fees to be paid. A work is protected automatically from the time it is first written down or recorded in some way, provided it has resulted from its creator’s skill and effort and is not simply copied from another work. For example, as soon as a poem is written, or a song is recorded, it is protected. We will not reproduce anything that isn’t asked of us.

How do I care for the canvas print?

Simply running a duster over your canvas print should be all you need to do to get rid of settled dust. With the museum grade lacquer we use, you can generally use a damp cloth to remove other unwanted marks (such as fly tracks, etc) but remember not to rub too hard or use too much water. We do not offer any warranties should you rub the canvas too hard and cause the ink pigment to crack.

Do your prices include GST?

Yes, all our prices are inclusive of GST.

How can you ensure that my colours are reproduced correctly?

We use a device called ‘ColorMunki', a state of the art optical device to calibrate the screen to the printers output. This ensures colour correctness and incredibly accurate skin tones. X-Rite ColorMunki Photo is a completely integrated color control solution to calibrate your displays, projectors and printers; so you get accurate screen to print color matching, every time. Please note that our monitors are calibrated, but yours may show colors different to what ours do unless your monitor is also calibrated.

Want happens when I place an order for a Photo On Canvas?

Once a canvas order is placed, you will receive an email proof ready for your approval. If you place your order during business hours, you will usually receive a proof within an hour. If a proof is approved before 2pm your order will be printed and lacquered that day. The next day your order is wrapped and packaged for shipping. Depending on workload, your order is usually sent out the day it is wrapped. General turn-around time is 1-3 business days in store before shipping. Please keep this is mind for any upcoming holidays or celebrations to ensure that your canvas print gets to you when you need it. Courier and Postal times are out of our hands so the earlier you order the better chance it will get to you before its critical! If you have an urgent order, please bring it to our attention and we will try our best to get it to you for when you need it. However, all our orders are processed as quickly as possible so the timeline depends on workload significantly.

When we say Paper Photos, is that a Photographic Print on Satin or Gloss Photo Paper?

Yes, the reason we refer to them as paper print is to make a clear distinction between canvas and paper. Our Paper Prints are printed on Professional Ilford Paper- in either Satin or Gloss.

How are the Paper Prints shipped?

Our paper prints are carefully rolled with acid free tissue paper between each print. They are then secured and inserted in a postal tube. We always make sure theres no movement in the tube so usually there is added bubble wrap at the ends to ensure no creasing.

Im shipping to a different address to billing- what is sent?

We realise that when a shipping address is different to the billing address, likely its a gift. We never send invoices with our canvas prints, even those to addresses the same as billing. This is what we use our website for, all your invoices & receipts are available on the website. If you require a special receipt printed, please ask & we will comply! But rest assured that when you are shipping to someone else, there is no invoice or receipt sent to them. Its just their canvas or paper print carefully wrapped.

My picture needs to be printed as is, with no cropping but I cant find the size?

We can do any custom size from 7x7 to 40x100 inches. If you have a special size that you need, all it takes is an email to us at sales@momentz.com.au with the size you would like and we can give you an instant price. All our canvas prints are done per order and we don't order standard size frames so we can make it any size you need!

I need to order a bulk order, will you do a discount?

We are more than happy to offer a discount for a bulk order. Each situation is different however, so there is no 'size fits all'. Generally at least 5 canvas prints are required in order for an order to be classed as bulk. The discount percentage will go up depending on the size, and quantity of your order. So a quick email to sales@momentz.com.au to let us know what it is you are interested in, and we can get you a coupon voucher for your order.

Can I have multiple pictures on one canvas or words added?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to add 3, 4, 5 or even more images to a canvas print or any special message added! We offer a standard Collage free of charge. If you are interested in something very up market with a lot of detail though we will need to send that through to our Photoshop guys here and it costs $40 per hour, minimum of 1 hour.  Collages are very personal things to get just right so sometimes its best if you download one of the available free collage programs such as http://www.shapecollage.com/ and personalise it yourself and then send us the finished product. But if you just want a few photos lined up on a canvas or a special note added, we are more than happy to do this for you for free! Please note only basic fonts are available, if a special font is required, there may be additional costs.

Id like some editing done on my image, what is available & how much?

We offer basic editing free of charge. These are things like going from color to black & white, or sepia. We are also happy to do black & whites with a single object in color for free. Blurring out some of the background (on basic images), or cropping the image is also free! If you want in depth editing such as removing people, or very time involved editing- we do have to charge. This goes to our Photoshop guys here and its $40 per hour, minimum of 1 hour. We will always communicate with you via email regarding your requests. If you request something and it ends up being a in depth editing matter, we will always notify you and you can decide whether to go ahead with it or not.

How will my order be sent?

Orders are sent with Fastway couriers or Registered Post. For most of Eastern Australia, Fastway Couriers is used. Please take note of this when placing your order. If a work address is more appropriate for deliveries between 9am-5pm, please provide a work address.

Do you send out physical gift certificates when I order one?

Standard gift certificates generate a code, which is emailed to you for you to be able to add to your personalised card for the recipient. However, if you would like a physical voucher we can offer 2 options. We can give you a 6x4 inch gift certificate which you can print at any photo lab for your immediate use. Or we can print a voucher and mail it to you. Please note this is only offered upon request, and standard you would only be emailed the voucher code. So if you would like a physical voucher, please ask us and we will organise one for you.