We live in the techno age... No Arguments There! Keeping up with the latest firmware can be quite a task. We've made it easy for you by tracking down all the places to get the latest in software and firmware for you DSLR digital camera.

It seems that most Electronics we buy, Digital Cameras included will have some minor & sometimes major software issues. So it pays to keep up with the latest Software or Firmware as the camera manufacturers call it, since its the actual operating system for the Camera & not an add on piece of Software.

Getting the best out of your canvas prints means not just being able to use your camera or having the best scene or lighting to shoot with, but ensuring your camera is operating at its best. This is where firmware updates come in. Think of them as being like software updates for your computer, firmware is simply a software update for your camera.

You may feel that the manufacturers should have got it right the first time, but the reality is they don't and probably never will. The advantage for us is that we dont need to buy a new model until we are ready & we get to enjoy some new updated more efficient features without outlaying our cold hard cash.

Often firmwares updates can breath new life in to your camera giving you new features and genral useage improvements, for example

  • Improved battery management
  • Better lense focusing
  • Software glitch fixes
  • Better colour and contrast control.

So check out these links below for some worth while updates of the more well known brands.

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