Matching Image size to Print Size

So, all the hours in Photoshop are complete, your masterpiece is ready for the world. You have decide to have your image printed, so the world really can see it!  A decision is made on the perfect paper and mount for the image, you have placed your order, uploaded the image file and now its only a matter of waiting for the delivery or is it?

Does your image file match the size of the product ordered or is the aspect ratio incorrect. Does your Image file contain enough data to produce a quality print at a resolution that does justice to your masterpiece? Have you left enough space on the edges to ensure that when the print is being mounted important pieces of the image, part of the head or foot or an arm , are not lost?

The answer to these questions can make a big difference and can save you from the frustration of not being able to have your image the way you thought it looked its best.

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