Do you have a whole lot of pictures you would like displayed but you're a little tight on cash? Why not do a PHOTO COLLAGE! Often times by doing a bunch of images together you can go for a larger canvas but have heaps of photos on it! Photo collages suit any style of photo. Whether its for a wedding, a holiday, family get together or your favourite pet pictures, a photo collage can be an excellent way of displaying them all together!

At Momentz we offer collages for FREE! We can lay your images out into a collage and send you back a proof and we do all this at no extra charge! For photo collages we suggest a border as usually the images are much smaller so you lose a lot more of them if you were to do a full bleed like on a normal image. So choose your black or white border.. or maybe you're feeling a little wild and would like a HOT PINK or FIRE ENGINE RED border. Whatever you like, ask & we will deliver!