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Well folks the silly season is now upon us. This means a lot of canvas prints & photo prints are flying out our door at record speeds. But you may be concerned about how long your order is going to take, and will it in fact arrive in time? The process it goes through when ordering your canvas print is as follows:


  1. Order is Placed by you, and Paid for.

  2. Image is emailed to our staff for proofing.

  3. Proof is done & emailed, usually within 2 hours if order is placed during business hours.

  4. You assess image & let us know if you're happy with borders, colors, etc.

  5. Image is put into “printing” queue immediately after being approved.

  6. Image is printed & sent to lacquering department, done the same day as printing.

  7. After image has sat for 12 hours (usually overnight), our staff makes your custom frames & wraps your canvas print.

  8. Your canvas print is taped & strung for a professional finish

  9. Image is wrapped in acid free tissue paper & bubble wrap for shipping.

  10. Canvas is boxed & carefully labelled for pick up via courier.


Phew!!! And thats just one canvas!!! …. Well... dont worry! Extra staff is always on here at Momentz during the silly season to help ensure we process your order as quickly as possible. But heres the list of things you can do to help make sure it runs smoothly!!


#1- Make sure you have supplied your image. If this hasnt been via the upload process on the site, please make sure you email it as soon as possible after finalizing your order.


#2- Keep an eye out for your proof!! This is especially important for anyone ordering from overseas for family or friends in Australia. Our email address may be blocked by your junk mail filter so make sure you are checking both inbox & junk mail regularly so that you respond asap.


#3- Make sure you are very detailed on any changes that you want on your proof. If you dont like the full bleed for instance and would prefer a black border, send us an email stating that.. Make sure you don't just ask for a 'border' and not mention your color preference as thats another email that has to be sent requesting that information, and therefore adding to the delay in getting your product delivered.


#4- Payment. If you dont pay via credit card immediately on the site and would prefer direct deposit, please do this as soon as possible after placing your order. Then send us a quick email with the receipt, or receipt number so that your order isnt placed in a 'waiting queue'. This will make sure that your order is processed and not delayed because of payment. If you're in a hurry- credit card is by far the way to go!


#5- VERY IMPORTANT!! Make sure you have supplied the correct delivery address. Theres nothing worse than having your product sitting in a warehouse with thousands of other items with the wrong label, lost in the postal system!! Make sure you have checked & double checked for the delivery address. Note that delivery is always made during business hours, so if you arent home during these times maybe supply a work address so that you arent chasing up for delivery at a convenient time with either the Postal man or Fastway Couriers. The cards left always seem to disappear and then you're left wondering who to call, and when. Business hours delivery address is always the best way to ensure you get your parcel in time.


If you've gone through the checklist and done everything correctly, you're Momentz product should be arriving at your door in record time. Please note that we use Fastway Couriers when at all possible so we try to provide you with your tracking number as soon as its left our warehouse. If you're in regional Australia or on the far West coast, your item will be sent via Australia Post. We always register the items for you so rest assured we have done everything we can to make sure that once it leaves us, it should get to you!


So in short... If all information is supplied to us, and we have been given the approval for your proof, you image is usually shipped within 3 days of the order being placed. But remember that each step takes time and if we have to be waiting for images, or payment.. it all adds to the process and your order may be delayed. So organise & act fast and your Momentz product will be on your doorstep within days!!!