Each individual picture has its own special need. This article is to help you decide what border option is the best for your image. Please take note of the images below for examples. This is to describe in detail each of the options:

Full Bleed
This means that nothing is added to your image at all. The image is sized accordingly to your purchased size and then the edges of your image are wrapped around the timber frame. This is ideal for landscapes or images with a lot of room.

Mirrored Edge
This means that we have a handy little tool that cuts the edges of your canvas and mirrors them so that your entire image is on the front of the canvas, but the edges are mirrored identically to the edges of the image. They generally blend a lot better as its the same colors throughout the border. This is ideal for images that are close cut but dont involve faces, etc. 

Full Bleed Edge

Mirrored Border Edge

Black or White Border
This means that a solid coloured border will be on the edges of your canvas. Your image will fit the front of the canvas, but on the sides there will be either black or white. This is ideal for close cut images or images that you really dont want to lose any of the picture.

Black Border Edge

White Border Edge

Please remember that when ordering a canvas from us you will always get a proof back. If we feel that the border option you chose may not be the best for your picture, we will definitely let you know.
Sample of Proofs
The pictures below are a sample of what you will receive back by way of a proof, the proof(s) is emailed to you for your approval before we print. The red lines indicate the wrap of the timber. Anything inside the red lined box is on the front of your canvas, the outer edges are the sides of the canvas. 
Full Bleed Proof Image
Mirrored Edge Proof Image
Black Edge Proof Image
White Edge Proof Image
If you have any questions at all before or while placing an order please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 6581 2666 (9am-4pm Mon-Fri) or via our contacts page.