Well "there’s a news flash" do I hear you say! Naturally, a unique photo printed on to canvas and sent straight to your friend or loved one’s door, would make a wonderful gift.

So, why write an article about it? Well if you’re like us, finding just the right present can often be a very stressful thing, even for the friends we know really well. We need all the help we can get to choose something personal, preferably unique and importantly, useful. Also, although we might like the idea of giving a photo on canvas, we might wonder if there are any little wrinkles or guidelines we should be aware of.

Well, for many years photographs in a pretty store-bought frame have fitted the bill nicely, however, now there is so much more technology available to the average person to turn this good concept into something awesome!

We thought we would present some ideas that you may be able to put to good gift-giving use. Some of the ideas are ours ready for you to put your personal stamp on and others are concepts our clever customers have come up with.

Just a word of caution, if you are going to print a photo on canvas of the gift recipient, make sure it’s a flattering photo and certainly not in any compromising circumstances! We know this sounds like we are stating the obvious, however, you would be surprised how many fall into the trap of printing something they consider ‘funny’, only to find that the photo is highly embarrassing to the receiver! A photo print such as this will likely never see the light of day and you have wasted your money.

Similarly, if you choose to print a scenic photo (remember these are harder to fit the person just right), it’s prudent to consider the décor of your receiver’s home.  For example, fashionable now are all the neutral tones ranging from white to features of grey, mushroom, taupe and terracotta. If your friend’s home has these colours, a photo printed on canvas that features a yellow or purple sunrise, (as lovely as the picture no doubt is in it’s own right) just might clash and look gaudy. Again, this otherwise lovely canvas print might never be hung, simply because it doesn’t go with the décor. However, had you chosen a stunning black and white print or a close up of pebbles on the water’s edge in fitting colours, then no doubt it would be appreciated for many years to come.

So now, you get the general idea. In short, take a little time to choose the photo and you will be so glad you did. So here are just some of the canvas print gift ideas we have printed for our thoughtful customers.  

1. One group of very considerate workmates got together and had of photo of their colleague surfing the perfect wave printed on canvas for him.

2. Another group of school friends had a collection of head and shoulder photos of them all, put together in a collage and printed as a gift for one friend who was moving away.
For their anniversary, a devoted wife had a photo of her and her husband taken ten years ago in Paris with the Eiffel Tower behind them, printed on a large black and white canvas. The result was stunning and would have brought back wonderful memories for them both.

3. Then, there was the couple who sent a large canvas print of their three children to their grandparents. What grandparents wouldn’t love to receive such a special and personal gift?

4. Now here’s a marvellous idea. One couple had a photo taken from the Hubble telescope (free to download from the NASA site) of outer space, printed on canvas. This was a gift for a nephew moving from Australia to New York. The couple then individualised this gift further by having a little metal plague made with their very personal message engraved on it and they then attached this to the front of the canvas print. Both our customers and the nephew were simply thrilled with the result. You could also try www.solarviews.com. Just remember to pay a little attention to the size of the photo, the larger the file size the better the quality and the larger the canvas print can be.

5. Here’s another suggestion that we really like and adds a truly personal touch. These days it is easy to add a border around your photo that holds text.  This really individualizes the canvas print. The text can state the place and time, can say “With love from”, “Remember when…” or whatever your special message is. The border could be white with black or coloured print to match the photo or could be black with white writing.

As an example, we printed a really characteristic beach scene taken in Puerto Escondido in Mexico. The photo was printed with a white border and had black text stating where the photo was taken and when. The resulting canvas print had a truly professional, "limited edition" feel.  If this is something you would like to incorporate on your photo on canvas but are not sure how to go about it, email us and we will be glad to help!

What about this for an idea? There is a number of websites offering digital art for sale and if you look hard enough, even for free on a ‘not for commercial use’ basis! You can simply download the image to your computer then create an account with us on our website and upload the image to us in your checkout just the same as you would a photo!

Triptych!  Need a tissue, do I hear you say? What in heaven’s name is a triptych?  In plain English a triptych is a collection of three prints. These can be hung horizontally or vertically. These can come in forms only limited by your imagination. So for example, presently hanging in our shop we have a stunning photo of the Hastings river, here in Port Macquarie, taken from a boat at sunset. It is a glorious photo and instead of printing it on one canvas in the form of a panorama, we have simply divided the photo into three and printed each section as a 12” x 12”.  Wow! This triptych would surely make a great gift. The collection of three prints doesn’t have to be one photo divided into sections though. The series can be of three similar objects, flowers, animals, plants or scenes. Or what about the three grandchildren we mentioned earlier, they could have been photographed individually and made into a triptych! This concept can be adapted to groups of four hung in a square or six in a rectangle and so on.

Feel inspired?  With just a little thought and imagination your gift giving worries can be over. Photos on canvas really do make great gifts!