(1) Snap away with your camera

Any photo you can imagine we can put onto canvas. Canvas suits any type of photo from old photos your great grandma had in a drawer to photos you just took on your brand new 12 mega pixel camera! Canvas suits people photos, landscape photos, animal photos, any photo can be put onto canvas!

(2) Upload your picture to Momentz

Please don’t downsize or crop your photos before uploading them. We try to work with full size images to get the best quality. Even if you are working with a digital camera that shoots in raw format, we work with photoshop and can open the file. We can work with nearly any type of photo file. JPEGs are the most common out there but we also use GIF and PSD files. If your photo is an older printed photo you will need to have it scanned. Any local photo shop with a scanner should be able to do this for you, just ask to have it scanned at highest quality. Once you have uploaded your file to our site we jump to action!

(3) Hang on your feature wall

Within 3 weeks of having your image uploaded to us, you should have your brand new canvas print in your hands! We can have your print done within 3 days depending on workload so if you’re in a hurry just let us know.. please take note that we can’t guarantee shipping time so try to have your image to us as soon as possible if you are on a deadline. The canvas print will be completely finished and ready to put onto your wall for you to enjoy! It’s that easy!