Printing Photos to Canvas - The New Art Form
To modernise your home, have you thought about putting stunning examples of photos on canvas on your walls?

Decorating the walls of your home with a superb panorama canvas print (or any shape for that matter) no longer needs to be the expensive exercise it once was.

Your home can now look more modern and sleek with the clean lines of a wrapped canvas print. Now this photo can be yours, or one of the many brilliant examples available for purchase on the net. One such site,, lets you purchase royalty free photos for your own use. As long as you don't on sell them for your own profit, you can use them to create a canvas print.

Are you desirous of a particular ‘look’ for your wall? There are so many photo sites out there, with amazing photos available for purchase at a very low cost, that there's no excuse for being short on canvas photo decorating ideas. This is a really good option for those among us who, neither have the time, equipment, or ability to come up with that special photo.

Purchasing a photo online is therefore, a great idea, as it becomes your very own printed canvas and will still likely be something that none of your friends will have hanging on their walls! Cost effective too!

If you are really clever why not try a special effect over your photo before it’s printed on canvas. There are simple programs available that can give your photo an old oil painting look with brush strokes, or a contemporary black and white line drawing effect. There are lots of effects to choose from, be daring!

Printed Photo Canvas - A Home Design Revolution.
Your personal photos on canvas can remind you of your recent overseas holiday, perhaps with a collage of photos or a triptych (three printed photos complementing each other or one photo split onto three separate canvas, or is that canvases?).

These canvas prints are the best way to keep your photo memories; What a fantastic great decorating idea!

Nothing personalises your home more than having a lovely display of family photos. Why not have those baby photos made larger than life, perhaps on a super sized square canvas print or even a panorama print. Instead of keeping photos in an album, putting a selection of the most precious photos onto canvas and displayed, make our loved ones ever present.

Have you thought about having a collection of sepia toned ancestors or a collection of black and white family weddings? Think about the wall such a collection would look great on and you’ve literally killed two photo decorating birds with one stone. Firstly, you have the canvas photos displayed that you like to have around as reminders, and secondly, the photos on canvas, in a collection of say four 12” x 12” canvas prints arranged in a square or six in two rows, can really be a decorating sensation.

Photo Prints - Getting the right colour match in your home.
Are you like most of us who have a desire to have our home well colour coordinated but somehow never have the funds to do a complete makeover?

A great tip is simply to take out some of the tired old soft furnishings we might have around and replace them with a few simple, modern and colour matched items.

Do you have a great photo you would like to display on your wall? Why not have your photo printed on canvas and choose cushions, rugs, vases to match the overall colour of the printed photo?

Conversely, if you love a particular decorator colour popular now, select the cushions and other soft furnishings in this colour and tie your wall in with a photo on canvas to match. The result can be stunning!

Remember, if you have a large photo on canvas, make this a focal point. Don’t crowd the print with too many other smaller pictures or the effect will be lost. Also, smaller arranged collections of square canvas prints look fabulous.

Are you all inspired to get decorating with some easy, cheap idea's? Check out our Photo Canvas site for your next decorating spark of photographic brilliance!