Well, first of all let’s explain what a border is.  As you know, your beautiful canvas print is wrapped around a hand made timber frame and the timber we use is specialised so as to ensure no wearing of the print on the edge. Ok, so your lovely photo is uploaded to us on our website. We then look at it and send a proof back to you showing exactly the amount of the photo that will be wrapped around the edge.

Of course, part of the special charm of a wrapped photo on canvas is that the photo can go ‘around the edge’ giving a whole other dimension to a simple framed photo.

However, many precious and often professional photos have been cropped quite close. That is, with not a lot of background. In this case sometimes the subject of the photo may lose something by being wrapped around the timber. For example, if your gorgeous baby’s face fills the whole photo, you don’t want to lose part of his head over the top or around the sides. This is where a border around your photo on canvas can come in. So, say for example your baby’s photo is in black and white, then a black (or white) border will allow the whole print to show on the front and the border to wrap on the sides. This effect on your canvas print can really look very stunning.

We are very happy to help with suggestions as to whether to have a border or not. The rule of thumb generally is though, if something I want on the front is going to be lost around sides of the wrapped canvas, then a border is the way to go.  Even so, if you choose not go with a border, you can tell from the proof we send back to you whether you will lose some of your subject around the sides. You can add comments on your order and we will happily assist you with the decision to go with a border or borderless. If you choose to have a border then this will also show on your proof and you can either approve it or correspond further to make sure that when you receive your canvas print it is everything you imagined!