What kind of service do we offer?

After spending a little time surfing the net this morning I notice that some other canvas printing providers offer a "Standard service" and a "Professional service" and obviously if your willing to cough up the extra $$$ you'll get better service. After examining the options I was quite amused to learn that there actually is little if any difference. Some printeries will say 100% cotton canvas is better and that is only used as part of their "professional service" and actually charge you more for a product that generally costs the same as the poly/cotton blend. I will be the first to admit that there can be quaility differences in canvas and paper. However, it certainly doesn't take a genius to figure out that charging you more for certain types of canvas is a marketing ploy to get you to spend more money.

What about resizing photos or uprezzing?

Resizing or uprezzing as its known in the industry can be done a few different ways. A lot of people in the industry will just decrease the DPI, which in turn, increases the size of the image. The trade off here though is often a loss of quailty. For example, an image, 10in x 20in @ 200 DPI that is reduced to say, 100 DPI will now be an image that is 20in x 40in @ 100 DPI but now less sharp, not very clear. So what do you do? The other option is uprezzing. There are quite a few different programs for this. It's usually known as bicubic interpolation, by which the image is upscaled and the quality is retained keeping the same DPI. We always offer this service at no cost. How would you feel if you went to Pizza Hut and ordered your pizza and they said "if you want cheese it's an extra $$" or went to Subway and they charged you extra for lettuce and tomato? You would feel a little hot under the collar. Well that's how we feel at Momentz. You will get all these little extras at no added cost.

At Momentz, we won't separate the sheep from the goats. We know that everyone out there deserves professional service, high quaility materials, fast turn around and great customer service with a smile.

So if you don't want the run-around and the marketing ploys, just know that with Momentz you will always get what you pay for and that's "The professional serice" and we will not compromise on that!