How do I market my photos?

Because of being in the printing & framing industry, I often get asked

"How do I get my photos out there?" or "What can I do to market my photos?"

So where do YOU begin?

A good place to start is by asking yourself:

Do you have the type of photos that people want to hang on their walls?

Your friends and family will often say you have the nicest photos in the world, but are they being

honest? Or maybe just encouraging you to keep trying?

Well a good way to find out is to join various critiquing sites such as:

Here you are able to join the different communities within. It is a massive network of other artists and photographers from all walks of life with varying amounts of experience and most will be more than happy to help with advice. They are also great for helping with exposure, filters, HDR and various other techniques that can hone your skills.

Other sites such as can be just as helpful.

Now that you have a collection of photos that are wall worthy, How do I market them?

Besides the obvious and most expensive way of TV and Newspaper, there are cheaper options and FREE ones as well. What is the worlds most popular social networking site, that has just surpassed googles average hits and is totally free? You guessed it FACEBOOK- sign up for an account there and setup a business page that people can become fans of. Then market that, even to just your friends at first and within no time you could have hundreds, if not thousands of followers. You may not sell anything straight away,. But when people are talking about great photos they have seen, they will probably be directed to your site- which in turn can be linked to your personal website.

Getting back to those critiquing sites, you can have a signature setup which is a message that automatically displays under every comment you make. You should be putting links in there to all your other sites, even your facebook fan page. It's all about marketing and constant marketing. One thing I often see on FACEBOOK is that people will put 20+ photos on there page all at once. Whats wrong with that you may ask? Well if people have 100+ friends on their list you will disappear down their list very quickly... and you know what they say- "out of site out of mind", so what do you do? Just add 1 photo every 2 days by itself and that means that you will always have your photo displayed on someones front page. Also every time a photo is added, go onto twitter and tweet about that post and then your twitter followers may also become your facebook followers, again it's all about consistency and marketing.

In this day and age there's no such thing as a free lunch, and if you're getting a free lunch- I want some!! People will rarely come to you, you need to go to them. Finally, if you want to market in your direct area for a fairly cheap way- get some flyers is a marvellous site always giving away freebies, or dust off that old laser printer and print some yourself. Then go for a walk every morning or afternoon and put one in everyone's letter box. Just watch the "No Junk Mail" signs! It's good for your business, and your health, and you never know- you might just find that next perfect shot.